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Finally the date is set! I’m getting married! I’m so excited to be different from everyone in my family and take the plunge officially. Another thing is coming to an end……..

The single life!

Am I ready for this? Can I settle down and be a one woman man? I don’t have much time so maybe I need to get my kicks in while I still can.

I have less than a week to go wild so what are my options? No wait what have I done…… What more can I accomplish as a single man.

I started drinking at the age of 16. By the time I was 21 I stopped wanting to drink hard. Maybe I should enjoy the flavor so I changed my palate for enjoyment not inebriation. Over the years I developed a taste for Blue Label Johnnie Walker and that could not satisfy my taste. It made me feel like I was on a path of drinking Bacardi limon as a starter and finishing things off with Bacardi 151 and Everclear to top off the night. Now I have a drink after I compete in MMA so at the most a few cups of Baileys Irish Cream and I’m good for a few months. Lately at a cookout I’ll have a Cherry Wheat beer from Samuel Adams and that’s gooooooooood!

Thinking about how far I have come the thought of getting trashed drunk is completely out of my mindset for life. What else could I do….

Maybe I could go for a massage with a happy ending. Well as tempting as that sounds I have a soon to be wife that can Handle my sexual desires and as an athlete I want my body tended to for soreness and pain. Well maybe I should get some strange before I put the ring on…. Tempting but I have had threesomes & Ménage à trois could be considered orgies throughout my life. What can one that is paid do for me that a few at once that crave it might be a phone call away but why for moments of pleasure that can ruin the foundation I have built. At best I will click a like on an Instagram page or if far away from home go to a site for some viewing pleasure #unlimitedinternet.

How about we go hit the club…… Naa I’m good 5 years of dealing with drunks as a bouncer will keep me far away always cautiously looking for problems instead of enjoying myself. And the same for going to a stripclub years of being behind the curtain gave me a valued outlook on life. Don’t do it. It’s a trap. You don’t win at this game. Plus you don’t want that type of crazy around u. From the dancers to the security and the patrons that are there for the same thing you are there for. Why compete in that arena. I fight in a cage and the attention comes to me why waste my time and money for nothing in return…. Not even a happy ending.

I have raced cars illegally and lost my drivers license in 2001, that is why most of you know me. I am grateful for my history behind the wheel comfortable with myself but leaving others in Terror around me that care about me and panic every time I leave out the door. but now due to those circumstances I have a beautiful son and a fiance that loves me so why would I want to jeopardize that especially one of my main sources of income my CDL driver’s license.

Oh I do have an option I can go to the gun range I own guns so why not send some leg down range. That sounds great but in a group situation my antennas go off and crazy being around others that I have to teach how to use a firearm. There are so many on the list that have been asking for years to go shooting and now I have the money to do it but the time is fleeting it was always vice versa so maybe after the wedding will make it happen.

I have had my fill of late nights looking forward to early morning and bright days with my wife.

I have had 37 years of a Bachelor Party…..

I look towards my wife to ask her to say yes one more time so that our #dudleyEVERafter7717 goes from my life long dream into my reality.


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