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Toe 2 Toe Fights 3 Fight Preview: John Fain vs J.a. Dudley265lb Professional

By: Mike Hammersmith
A journeyman fighter who practically sleeps with his gloves on, JA Dudley has fought every heavyweight threat on the East Coast and never missed an opportunity to mix it up. A cerebral martial artist to the core, Dudley unravels his opponent’s second by second, having natural heavy hands and a deft jiu-jitsu game to rip holes into any defense. Set to come to Maine for the first time in his career, he will face a unique challenge in the landscape of MMA.

While generals of today lead from well away from danger, those of old would shoulder up with their men, spear in hand, and face death together. Leader of one of the toughest stables in New Hampshire, with his students holding titles and making national broadcasts, John Fain will take off the gi for a night and show his fellow warriors that he fears no man in the cage. An ace jiu-jitsu player of a caliber rarely witnessed in local MMA, Fain will teach a master class on Roberto Maia jiu-jitsu, with thousands of spectators and one very unwilling example locked in the cage with him.
Any time a legitimate black belt steps into the cage, the question becomes one of gamesmanship and survival for the opponent. Dudley will need to be meticulous in execution; working at range, making engagement costly and staying composed at times the fight may hit the mat. Conversely Fain is under pressure to force the fight on his terms, facing an opponent well aware of his many traps and who will look to exploit his relative inexperience under the MMA rule set. It will be a tense meeting between heavyweights with victory hinging on a single error, a finish all but guaranteed.
Toe 2 Toe 3 takes place Saturday, Oct 3rd at the Portland Expo. Visit for ticket information.

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