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Over the years I have worked to keep family friends teammates coworkers & relationships together. There are very few that I kno that give their all to make others happy, keep the peace, maintaining lines of communication within the various groups. This has been exhausting over the years but I loved the challenge.

It has been times that I felt I was doing a disservice to any group if I was not consistent. This pressure lessened almost to the point that I never reach out anymore looking to see who will make the effort. Most of the time none will maybe 1%. Is it their lack of attentiveness or they just don’t care. Am I expecting to much, I’m starting to think so.

How vital are these people to your existence? Did something go wrong to push you away?Were they only for person gain now their use have expired?

I have hundreds of reasons as to why I don’t speak to many people. My number one reason is they haven’t. Boy that seems childish! But as I learn people are comfortable with that.

I don’t kno if I am because I want to live without regrets. I must clear the air at least so my point is given some consideration.

I am reminded by my brother 31 often that we are a different breed a total different anamal something unreal something unexplainable. We are UNICORNS! And with this I will give everything my all. Impossible is nothing as I am reminded from the tattoo on my left wrist.

A foundation has been laid since the days of high school football not to be mediocre, to go above and beyond for everyone that is important. That list has grown to great numbers over time, but how many feel the same with that thought that number had dwindled to a slight few. A bond between many that may have never come together alone. And for them I will stay sticky like glue……


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