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Many people over the years have asked me why do i call my son Football.


well the day was December 7th 2003 i was in neptune new jersey working landscaping for one of my bouncer buddies Frank with my football teammate and friend Serioux (pronounced cereal) well at least in my head it sounded like that.


so while working i get a call from my mother….. SHE HAD THE BABY!!!!  ______  HAD THE BABY!!!!  ______ HAD THE BABY!!!!


I hurry off the phone with my mother and call _______… while the phone is ringing a ton of emotions and thought are going through my head excitement anger panic & peace, while also thinking why did she not call my cellphone but called my mothers house phone a line i would never use… i tell Serioux the news and she finally picks up the call

hi my mom just told me that you had the baby!!!!! what hospital are you at??????? im close in neptune and on the way!!!

im not at a hospital i am home.


yes home.


So i hopped into the car with Serioux because i did not have one, nor a drivers license….


well i technically had one, my brother 69 came back to nj to marry his girlfriend 11. he was in the air force stationed in Japan and eventually going to Italy so i asked him if i could take over his identity here in the states due to the 3 warrants for my arrest for driving on suspended and a few other tickets pending. so behind the wheel i was 69 from 2001-2005. With no license i lost my job at verizon for the first time became a bouncer played semipro football and ended up in a relationship with 46. things were fun with her great body even tho she was real tomboyish and was already into girls. i was hooked up with her by my ex 21 that challenged me while i was in one of my celibacy modes “Spektakular right? Spektak will eat that right? show 46 where your skills are!!!”


i hesitated and was getting challenged over and over to put in some work on a female i just met that night….. did i fail to mention that 21 & 46 went to the same church in Freehold new jersey… its something about those high yellow females from south jersey that i go crazy about.

so i accepted the challenge another fun night. so 46 and i got close and into a relationship that was more of a friendship with cuddling and fucking envolved. in the process of that she was trying to figure out where her life was going and that was off to the army. i suggested that we break up because our relationship was rocky and we should remain friend not knowing what could come of things in the future. but she wanted to stay together… and she was off to basic training

now as a bouncer it was always girls flirting but i was trying to uphold and respect the relationship that i was in. time went on and i would find out that 46 was calling home but not reaching to me after a few times of that i said fuck it but i want to try things out with a darker female or a different race something different. this one female i found attractive that was flirting from time to time i gave her my number and she called the next day boy was i in shock she was from Redbank new jersey and sounded beyond hood at first i thought that she was putting on a act for me but no that was her and i lost interest quickly. a crew of females that would hang around her started interacting with me and the most beautiful was this light skinned tall female from Freehold nj. but i was not trying to push up i would talk to her about her girl that i got her number. every time i saw her we would talk about our lives she was dating some dude and i was still in somewhat of a relationship with 46 but it has been months since i have heard from her.


we exchange numbers i have her watch fight club and she gets it we become buddies and one day we went out to lunch at red lobsters before i had to go to football practice she stopped turned around and kissed me!!!!!!!! it was perfect everything felt right so we developed us.


the next year things came crashing to a end. in my mind i was with her but never ended things with 46 so from month to month she would ask if i spoken to 46 and that started to become a weekly question to every other day. i would tell her she has nothing to worry about no need to cry i am here no one is taking me away from you i am where i want to be.


that was not enough she felt like i was not trying hard enough to contact her.


so she broke up with me. i was distraught and wanted her back but understood what i had to do. we remained friends and she would still come over to hang out and talk but that would get elevated to kissing and then sex…. this became a cycle that would conclude with a phone call a few days later saying that i guess you spoke to 46 because we had sex. i would say no i did not you would be the first to kno…. and the crying would start. this happened about 3 times.

one day she came over during the day to tell me that it was over don’t talk to her again and she ran out to her car and cried for about 30 minutes. i could not chase behind her like usual because i had a house full of kids running a small day care during the day. i called and called and called looking through the window at her but she ignored it and left. i gave it a day then called she said oh you just dont get it and hung up on me………..


a few weeks went by and i get a call from her “i’m pregnant” my response “wha wow” CLICK!


i call back for a few days leave hundreds of messages and no response. she finally called me back fussing what kind of response was wow? i dont kno thats how i talk i have never been told that before… so our conversations started to come back slowly on her terms i was excited and wanted to make it to all of her doctors appointments.


when she would tell me she had an appointment i had to scramble to borrow a car get car seats from all of the parents drive from plainfield to freehold and the nurses would watch the kids while we would go in for the 5 minute appointment… and she would not talk to me and just would fly out of the door for me to get the kids back up to plainfield.


one scheduled visit i had everything set but in the morning i was not able to get the car from iDizzle. this was before texting the only option was to call and she had horrible morning sickness and did not want to be bothered. so that morning the appointment was for 11am and she told me before that she gets up around 10:45am to get ready and go to the doctor i put the kids to nap around 10:15am and nodded off around 10:30am at 11:00am she calls me yelling her head off saying that i am going to stress her out i tried to explain about the car and she did not want to hear it. and she cut contact with me again.


a month went by i would call … go to her house and her mother would say that she was not there and her car is sitting outside living in a place that you do not walk anywhere. so i left i would call. right letters and no response. i tried once more to go to her house and she was not there. i stopped at a wawa to get something to drink and out of the corner of my eye i see her run to the back and i ask one of her co workers to get her. she comes back with the manager telling me to leave or they will call the police. i ask why and they say please leave so i leave. once more i go to her house a month later and she pulls up at the same time and runs in the house…..


August 2003 she calls me saying the pregnancy is going well and she is due in november. i say ok did you pick a hospital does your mother have my number so she can call me i want to be there for the birth. she said no i do not want you there CLICK!


angered and confused on what to do i was lost.


back to December 7th 2003 in the car with Serioux thinking shes not a hippie and would not have a home birth….


so we get to her house knock on the door and her mother says shhhhh the baby is sleep. i give her the screw face and said i dont care where is my child and then i turned to Footballs mom saying why are you home???? you did not have a home birth i dont think that you are a hippie she said no i have been home for over a week the baby was born november 25th….


at this moment i felt my right fist raise and was flying towards her face….


her mother is yelling what are you doing…


Serioux stepped in front of the punch and threw me against the wall.


she did not move. almost expecting that type of retaliation.


her mother continued to yell at me


Serioux said i need you to be calm he turned to her and said where is his son? she said in the living room in the bassinet. Serioux said go see your son deal with everything else later…….

i go pick him up for the first time and say hey Serioux hes wrapped up like a Football

his eyes opened up and he smiled and i started to cry

moments later Serioux asked his mother what his name was


that did not matter to me because everytime i said football he smiled so that was his name to me


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