After the death of The Super Ho in early 2000 I decided to just get on my grind working at Bell Atlantic, pay off surcharges from the tickets I accumulated & took one of those driver improvement classes where u can’t get a moving violation or they suspend your license for a year.

Well later that year I picked up a 95 Honda accord ex that was all black & had the sports package on it. It was sexy & quick. Something I did not need I was actually looking for a suburban but did not get approved for it and while on the lot of multi Chevrolet on rt22 with my brother #18 we saw his dream car a all black Honda. That thing was clean. It was not a stick but I could rock it. “yo u beda get dat shit son” – #18

3 days later I go visit #25 and the HP cats less than a block away it’s a steep hill and a officer is on the other end clocking me so he pulls me over and gives me a ticket……..

28 mph in a 25 mph zone……………

I fight it…. Lose…. Appeal…. Lose… Fuck!!!!

20 days out from completing a year from the drivers improvement class…. Almost made it

Now my license is suspended for 1 year…. What am I going to do? Just keep off the grid say nothing at work like everything is ok they never check anyway and drive my car when it’s only needed.

So my girlfriend at the time was this fine……. Wait FINE!!!!!!!! Korean & Black mix no stomach walked like a stallion and a plump booty oh so nice & did I forget to mention shes into girls? Hey me 2!

I wanted to introduce her to this banger that went to NJIT back in 98 with #69. I remembered that she was telling me that she was into girls. Hey me 2!

So I found her on the site and I set it up for them to meet. She transferred from NJIT to Rutgers Newark (one of those times where I felt i had a valid reason to drive with no license).

And guess what happened……..

They hit it off nice and was talking for hours then we all went home.

So maybe a month later my boy CB invited me to a party he was promoting in Red Bank Nj. So I told my girl about it and she said lets invite the NJIT girl. I thought that was a great idea.

On the road down to the party I’m lost thinking I passed the place calling CB on my Omnipoint prepaid cellphone burning up my minutes and he never picked up………. I see a cop and wave him over into a dinner parking lot for directions. He tells me that the place is on the other side of the trees. So I get out of my car and start to walk into the dinner to use the bathroom……

“Hey ________ do you know that your license is suspended” said the Shrewsberry officer

Dammmmmmm clink clink

Almost made it…..

Then he said he’s not going to tow my car if one of the girls in the back seat had a license and would drive the car off of the property……. I knew my girl did not……… But the NJIT girl did!!!!!!! But she did not kno how to drive. Fuck!!!! Are we still going to the party they asked. I said no. So NJIT girl tries to pull out the spot and almost hits something I tell her she has to just make it 2 lights and then we will switch. So we did and then proceeded to my house. and I did not speak to CB for almost 6 years after that…..

Get to my house around 1am chatting for a bit and I took a few pictures of the 2 of them cuddled on my bed. Looking back at the pictures damn was my room a mess! So I turned off the lights and laid down on the couch in my room went to sleep….

Well pretended to I had one eye on them as they undressed each other. NJIT asked my girl is he sleep my girl looked back smiling and said yes he is. So they started putting in some work and for some strange reason I woke up naked and joined in the fun!

I guess our volume got louder during round 2 because my dad walked in thinking I left my tv on like I usually do. He looked shook his head and walked back out……. (I eventually invested in a deadbolt lock for my room)

After round 3 around 4am i went to the bathroom with the super smile on my face looking at myself in the mirror wow what a first. And as I said “I R MuthaFuckin S.O.T.H.!!!! There was a tap at the door ________ NJIT girl has to use the bathroom. So I open the door and it’s them 2 bucked naked wow what a site! But then I glanced to my left into the living room & there sat my mother with this soul piercing stare….

My heart dropped….. My smile was wiped away… And I ran into my room thinking damn I’m getting kicked out….. So the girls come back in and round 4 starts. After that I drive them home and scared to go back home I go chill at my grandmothers house…..

A week later my mom pulls me to the side and says that my sister is getting older and she does not want me having company over late anymore…..

Damn I dodged that bullet like Neo in the Matrix!!!!

In the end I kinda think it was worth it to drive that night….


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