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Rebel fighting system at home conditioning

2min marching band
2min waist twist
2min jump rope
2min raise the roof
2min I’m a Lil teapot
2min kick your butt
2min Steve urkel
2min me me me
5min lay down stand up

Marching band. Walking in place raising your knees to your chest exhaling on every knee lift

Waist twist. Feet shoulder length apart twist at the waist. Exhale on every twist

Jump rope. With out a rope and rotate your arms at the shoulder breathe slowly

Raise the roof. Hands at your ears elbows by your side and extend them to the sky. Exhale when arms are going up

I’m a Lil teapot. Feet shoulder lenghth apart and lean from side to side having your hands go past your knees. Exhale on every lean

Kick your butt. Walk in place bringing your feet up to your butt. Exhale on every leg lift

Steve urkel. Half squat arms out in front butt pointing out
Pull arms in pelvis forward squeeze butt. Exhale when pelvis goes forward

Me me me. Arms out at shoulder height thumbs up flex at elbow. Do not drop elbows below shoulder height. Exhale when flexing arms

Lay down stand up. Lay flat on back stand up. repeat.
(Take your time. Use any technique or object to lay down & stand up)

use it… share it… and be consistent with it

after a month of daily use i will give the next component to add to your at home workout

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