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well in the year 2000 i picked up a car…. a 1992 cranberry red Ford Taurus SHO 220hp Yamaha-developed 3.0L V6 and 5-speed manual transmission piped out with dual exhausts that gave it a rumble that let u kno that it was going to tear something up on the streets…..


if u knew me back then u knew that i drove fast…. and in the super-ho it got a bit absurd… i think i stopped counting a few years back about how many time i was on I 78 under 100mph… now if i was driving state to state i would maintain a speed of ehhh 155+ with the seat leaned back arms crossed head back on the head rest and knee on the wheel… fun times!


well on the way back from maryland 2am just hit jersey and took I 295 north (some dudes from trenton told us about that to save money on tolls)


i remember that their was some construction going on down by cherry hill nj but did not remember on the way back north….  3 6 mafia – tear da club up bumpin in the system 31 nodding off in the passenger seat 69 in the back knocked out and im in the zone killin it on the highway! then the moment happened i felt myself floating out of my seat and my head lights were aimed at the ground………………..




the nose of my car hit the ground then the back of my car slammed to the ground i have no control and here comes the median….


clutch shift break clutch down shift gas break clutch shift gas clutch 4th gas clutch 5th gas


lay back in the seat started day dreaming about what could have happened death injuries ejection ran over by a truck


i come out of the day dream…. 69 is looking around like what the fuck happened and then lays back down… 31 says yo we almost died… then he hits the side of the radio to stop the cd from skipping TEAR DA CLUB UP NIGGA TEAR DA CLUB UP TEAR DA CLUB UP NIGGA TEAR DA CLUB UP


that was the longest 5 seconds of my life as it seemed….. and down the road it happened again… not as high but it was a bit startling going over a unpaved road and flying over the little bridges on the highway… they were like little launch ramps… now i added another thing to the list of things i have done in a car air born dukes of hazard style!


back up to speed 145mph’ish im thinking hey i might want to try that speed limit thing…… i will start tomorrow


went to work at bell atlantic just chillin had a good day…. then the next day was kool also i let the super-ho rest…. but then that night 31 & 42 hit me up for a ride home from work they commuted to nyc everything (bobby digital) so i had to pick them up from newark penn station heading back to da field (plainfield nj). so far i have been doing good driving the speed limit doing 25mph in a 25mph zone who does that???? i guess i do now… it was hard to having a stage 2 carbon fiber clutch installed grabbing 75% of the motor and not chirp in every gear…. well after the airborne stunts from 2 days earlier i needed to slow down and get to where i needed to get to… S.O.T.H. would routinely complain that i would drive a different way to or from where ever so this time i took market st to springfield av not sure if i was going to take 22 78 or the parkway home….. where ever the road lead me…… but as we headed to the intersection of mlk blvd



31: dammmmmmm

62: (down shift from 2nd to 1st and spin the wheel to the left)

42: ahhhhhhhhhhh




31: urgrggggg

42: huuggurr

62: they just hit the super-ho


glass exploded… car spinning…. hit a traffic light…. air bags pop… rolling back… and the car stops


62: i cant believe they hit the super-ho

42: i got glass im my eyes ahhhhhhhhhhh

31: uggaegeuuerr

62: this mutha fucka hit the super-ho

31: i think the car is on fire


i push on my door it wont open and i squeeze out 42 holds on to my shirt and crawls out behind me. i start looking at the left side thinking ahh its ok the super-ho is ok it looks ok… as i walk around to the front things still look kool… but i get to the right fender and its smashed in… my heart drops… thinking well maybe it could be fixed… yeah it could be fixed…. i start to hear a voice i look up and its the guy that just ran the light in a housing authority van with a deep african accent…


african: is evy ting ok? ou loook ok.. evy ting fine ou ok (smile)

62: you hurt the super-ho

african: (serious face taking a few steps back)

62: you hurt the super-ho (RAGE!!!! CHASE!!!)

african: no sowe sowe



so i beat the fuck out of the dude and as i went to break his neck 42 the practitioner of pressure points did something to paralyze me… i then stood up and fell backwards and could not move the african dude got up and ran off 42 grabbed me


42: yo dog you love me dog you love me dog j you love me dog calm down relax oh shit we left 31 in the car!


so 42 ran back to the super-ho to find 31….. i was finally able to stand up and was walking back to the super-ho… but between me and my car was the housing authority van with the driver side door open………… so…. i decide to run full speed into it with the hope that i will snap it off of the hinges….. it did not work out how i planned……. i hit the door the door bent back hit the fender and launched me about 10 feet back on my ass…..


42: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!

31: ha ouu ha ha ouu haa ouu

62: ha ha ha ha ha


so i get up and walk over to 42 & 31


31: yo fuck both of u for leaving me in the car!!

42: how did u get out?

31: i couldn’t move my arm so i started to pull my self out but then a car full of girls stopped and asked if i was ok…. so i got one of their numbers… but then i pulled my self out of the window and fell on my shoulder and sat on the curb watching


so now we are out there pulled out the omnipoint prepaid cell phone and called 911 cop cars would fly past us… then finally one pulls up with the african dude in the back so i walk up to the car open the door and start to pull the dude out to finish the beating i started… so the dude cop grabbed me and the female cop started screaming on me and i snapped out of it because she was sexy! wow so i started flirting with her while i was telling her what happened and how the housing van ran the light… also how i beat the hell out of the dude in detail… then their higher ups got on the scene screaming in my face found out what happened and put the cuffs on me.. we argued for about 5min about the traffic light but then he calmed down telling me that a officer was just killed in a high pursuit chase so he was stressed…. then he asked if i was hurt i said no 31 & 42 were already in the ambulance and i got escorted to a car searched and charged with attempted murder…………………….



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